How many anime or manga make you cry?

Tragedy always my favorite style and I can gain more fellings from those anime (manga). In my memories, there are many anime make me cry.Just like the dead of Jiraiya Asuma and Itachi. But those scenery not always very charming because that moment can not stay inside my brain forever, avd the unique one make me cry but also classical is Code Geass!


  At first I never thought that this anime can be a tragedy but a very wise and far sighted one,until the dead of Euphemia,Lelouch always meet many difficult choice. He have to kiiled his family members and best friends even girlfriend just want to give a happy life to his blind sister Nunnally, but finally even his sister started to hate him. He have no choice but paly a evil character and kill himself at last!


  Yes, he lives with tragedy and die with tragedy, no one can understand him. The last weep of Nunnally maks me really sad, but Lelouch give us a forever smile. His dream has come true and he believe Nunnallywill have a happy life. That's enough!

Bakuman/Cross Game's Kobukuro Music Duo to Go on Hiatus


The popular Japanese musical duo Kobukuro announced on Sunday that they are going on a temporary hiatus due to their health. The two members — 34-year-old Kentarō Kobuchi (pictured far right) and 34-year-old Junsuke Kuroda (pictured right) — made their announcement during the final concert of their nationwide tour at the Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena in Hokkaido.Kobuchi has been having trouble singing, especially during the high notes for which the duo is known, since the end of last year. When the symptoms did not improve, he underwent an examination by a medical specialist. The specialist diagnosed the problem as spasmodic laryngeal dysphonia, a neurological disorder common among people who use their voice in their professions. The specialist prescribed about half a year of rest for Kobuchi's throat to let it recuperate.In addition, Kuroda's throat has also become fatigued, and his chronic back pain has worsened during the tour. Kuroda will also take the same half year to rest.The duo made their major debut a decade ago in March of 2001. Kobukuro performed the opening theme songs for the television anime series Cross Game and Bakuman.Due to their hiatus, the duo's annual Fan Festa event at Wakayama, which was slated for November this year, has been cancelled. The duo will also not release an album or perform in the Tohoku region for now due to the difficulty in performing live or recording.