Juubi and the destiny of Obito


Naruto being a sage tell me somehow he will be key to the Juubi-plot, seeing how this thing gathers chakra in a way he understands. Maybe Obito and Kakashi will kamui this thing and Naruto somehow to the other dimension. Naruto and Sasuke got too powerful. If they were Kage level, I wouldn't mind but we can clearly see that Naruto can take on multiple Kage level fighters without breaking a sweat. His regular form, Sage Mode and even KM were well balanced. Since he got BM mode, even Killer Bee who's also really powerful looks like shit next to him lol. 

  I am afraid that Obito will die possibly killed by madara for messing things up or but most likely by kakashi and he will learn why rin died before he drifts off to the after life aka flashback. Then the juubi will knock bee out and start to overwhelm naruto and kurama then naruto is going to get this genius idea of using Sage Art: Amphibian Technique but instead of ma and pa he acts as medium and fuses with kurama and you will see the naruto in the chakra shroud not moving. he can do this because they can talk via a mental connection. Kyuubi sage mode will be born and then something will go wrong with the juubi like not enough 8atials power or nine tails power, madara will site obito childishness for rushing that is why it was mentioned again in this chapter. Jubi doesn't look all the menacing, if it even had no face at all it would look more scary, those teeth are lame. Obito and Madara are arguing like children on what to do with the most powerful force in Naruto, what happened to the plan they have been trying to achieve for the past couple decades? I'm assuming Madara has something up his sleeve, although both of them are connected to the Jubi. I haven't said this yet, but with the Jubi being revived, kages on slug support, ninja army on their way, and the Oro/Sasuke scene, someone important better die soon. I really don't care who it is as it could be almost anyone at this point. 

  The Juubi is totally ugly, no reputability. Thought that it would look like the demon it was supposed to be, like Gedo Mazo but with 10 tails and its huge horn at his back, maybe staying on all four feet. But the Juubi just looks like a fat, stupid potato sack. Sorry, but Kishimoto failed. When Juubi was illustrated the first time as a shade with his eye, it looked different. Shooting out entire Bijuu, seriously? The Bijuu, even Hachibi, firing five Bijuu Dama in quick succession? What Kishimoto does at the moment, drastically throwing over the power levels, really scratches his credibility. The Juubi fighting was.. well, cool, though in actuality it didn't happen much. It was a chapter of Naruto, so it can't be really bad.

  Finally I'm hoping we'll find out what Infinite Tsukiyomi is supposed to achieve. The whole plan strikes me as Madara BS that I don't really buy into. I don't know how or why there is even a technique to bounce Tsukiyomi off of the moon. It seems as though the plan has a fatal flaw if it only works at night when the moon is visible. Maybe they should have held back on summoning the ten tails for a couple of hours and then they wouldn't have needed to summon the moon. They could have even put the Juubi together away from the battlefield if the Tsukiyomi was an instant win.




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