Tobi's true face under mask

Tobi and Kakashi

Now, before people start saying that because the eye is Obito's that he is indeed Obito, stop and think about the logic. If the fact that Tobi has Obito's eye is what makes him Obito, then you must be forgetting that he has enough Sharingan back in his crib to run an eyescream parlor big enough to put Breyer's out of business. To say that his eye makes him Obito is like saying that Tobi is Nagato due to his Rinnegan. Not to mention that he also had another sharingan in his fight with Konan. It's much more logical to assume that he is trading eyes the way Orochimaru traded bodies than it is to jump to conclusions. Therefore the identity theories are still uncertain. It's too early to say who exactly Tobi is.

  It's like he is holding some sort of personal grudge against Kakashi. And it is that very fact that makes me lean toward the fact that it isn't Obito. Obito was completely at peace with what happened. I think that if he had been upset and angry then he wouldn't have given his eye to Kakashi. Tobi is a complete 180 degree turn around from Obito. The things Tobi says are the polar opposite of what Obito felt and expressed. In fact, Kakashi has even compared Naruto to Obito before, saying they were a lot alike. I haven't completely written off that Tobi could be Obito. I'd think it's more feasible that, like someone said earlier in the thread, Obito's body is being used by whomever or that Tobi stole Obito's other eye. Tobi's age is all wrong if he were to be Obito. Going on the fact that Kakashi and Obito were about the same age when Obito died, and by calculating how old Kakashi was when we were first introduced to him in Part 1, we can assume that Tobi's attack on Konoha with the Nine-tails happened a short time after Obito died. Kakashi and Obito were both 13 when Obito was killed and Kakashi was 26 in Part 1 of the manga, meaning he would have still been 13 at the time of the attack on Konoha. Obito would not have been able to grow up that much in such a short period of time. 

  I really do enjoy the chapters where its all out chaos and battle. I think we finally get to see a bijuu mode lasting more than 5 mins. I heard someone said kakashi closed his eye before naruto charged of in bm, possibly another kamui? Will naruto's raw bijuu power and Senju Will be enough to stop tobi? I'd like to see some more techniques he can do besides rasengan and tb in bm. Without hope there would be nothing to strive for. You have to have hope if you want to accomplish anything. Naruto always HOPED to be acknowledged by the people in his village and now the entire village recognizes him as a person and they respect him. Itachi HOPED to protect the village and, in most ways, he did. Gaara HOPED to be accepted and not feared by his village and he became Kazekage, not because villagers feared him but because they grew to love him. Naruto HOPED to become friends with Kurama one day and it's plain to see that they've become that. So, as you can see, hope can be a very powerful thing.

  I believe it was Madara who discovered and rehabilitated Obito's crushed body, and I also believe that it was Madara not Obito who fought Minato! I reckon under Madara's supervision, he became Madara's pupil and begin to learn all the forbidden jutsus and gaining full control of his sharingan. And if it's one thing Kishi has taught us is that whoever your sensei is, their ideals and goals becomes your own. And after Madara died I believe it was then that Tobi decided to finish what Madara started, started wearing that same exact mask Madara wore whe he faced Minato, and even went to the point where he wanted to be refered to as Madara himself. I think Black Zetsu was always a part of Tobi since he always knows so much and hes the one who always goes missing when Tobi enters. But this is just a guess, if theyve been in the same place at once then I might be wrong. But, Tobi is somehow connected to Obito and Black Zetsu for those reasons at the moment. However, he might have used another body previously at the 9 tail incident, not sure exactly who but it could have been Kagami Uchiha since he was missing at the time. Also, if you look at page 13, there are two dialogue boxes over each of Tobi's eye.

  Madara does know how to raise people and raise himself or teach others to raise them selves from the dead. He made a statement saying if he knew before hand that these generation of kage were gonna be weak he would've taught Hashirama to raise himself from the dead befor hand. Zetsu being able to record things automatically removes all of the obito shouldn't know this and that. Because no one should be able to know everything that Tobis knows. Tobi knows everything about everyone. Even gain. But I Do no5 believe this is even an uchiha. Unless he can fight blindly. 


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