New alliance to against Vindice

Tsunayoshi Sawada

With the 8 competitors shown today, we still have space for 5 more. Its most likely Gokudera, Chrome, Yamamoto and Flan for four of those spaces. I can't quite place who would fill the last spot though. Ken and Chikusa were still both in the competition for team Verde, so unless one of the team Reborn members gave up their watch for Basil/Enma, I can see them both giving up their watches. Perhaps the last spot is Gamma, since he seems like the strongest of those left and I very much doubt Iemitsu would come back.

  I have a feeling Chrome, Goku, Hibari, Yamma, Older brother guy, and Lambo are all busy preparing their flames to be given over to refill pacifiers, and that is why they have all those extra watches. Explains why they haven't been seen yet too. Squalo probably got a varia cambio forma too, and with Dino it all depends if Romario is in the area since he has the comedic weakness of being clumsy if a member of his family isn't around, plus Dino is actually a strong fighter. I mean he was fighting Hibari on equal ground for a day or so after the last round.

  Loved seeing Ginger Bread on this chapter. It so unexpected and yet so nice. So, it turns out that this Vindice guy Alejandro was the real Ginger. I liked the idea of an Arcobaleno puppetmaster, it explain why was Ginger so strong in Melone Base and feel that this could have been better explored, but I guess we are never going to see Alejandro/Ginger again. Still, I'm glad to see such a nice character again. I'm going to hope that Julie was using desert flames for the illusions at the 3rd location, hopes for the last 4 battlers: Gamma, Karou...I want to see his flame already, Julie(him or flan, just want an opportunity to see in what ways if any the desert flame differs from mist, and don't really have a 4th guy I'm dying to see fight, so will give it to Hibari.

  Including bosswatches the combined teams have a grand total of 12 watches. So far we have seen only 8. This means the team that is about to attack the other two vindice has 5 members and will have Tsuna and the others joining them or Tsuna and the others are heading to Xanxus etc.

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