Destiny of Byakuya and the truly power about Kenpachi

Byakuya Bankai

Befeore we talk about this chapter, there is a funny news: Kenpachi fans simultaneously fangasmed worldwide. Many have reportedly suffered cardiac arrest from the joy and excitement. This is all in a shocking contrast to the Byakuya fans worldwide who have fallen into depression and pronounced July 25 as an international day of mourning. Even now countless Byakuya fans have risen to anger and are rioting and seeking to infiltrate Tite Kubo's manner though so far the Japanese Riot police have been managing to hold them off. I don't see how Kenpachi killing 2 SR is a problem. It was obvious that if they had their bankai then the captains had a good chance of winning, but they were stolen. Kenpachi is as strong as any captain and does not rely on a bankai, so he had a good chance of winning. Also, with that being the ace of the SR I'm sure they were surprised and overpowered by him in a flash making them easy kills. BB won't be the same. Hope for the best Kenpachi.

  Remember when Aizen was impaled against a wall in the early chapters before we knew he was evil. We thought he was dead and we all know how that paned out haha. Plus there's all the time ichigo has died and then there's when hitsugaya impaled momo and that guy who got a hand through his chest. To me no one is dead until i see there head detached from their body. Think about it. If the captains had their bankai they are at least on par with the SR. The SR trump card was their bankai stealing. They were likrly surprised tht kenpachi had no bankai yet he was as strong if not stronger than any captain with bankai. Surprise combined with massive power makes easy victories. I do love how Byakuya's final word is Renji not even his zombified sister that he screamed in fear of had the honour of Byakuya's final word. Also praises to Bane Quincy for the drop kick, that was plainly epic way to take out Renji good juxtaposition to the brutal way his captain went out. Now onto the final part of the chapter of the confirmation of Byakuya's death and with it Kubo now being George R.R. Martin of then shonen manga world (well in killing character wise) and we get to see Kenpachi being a total BAMF! But now that i seen the dead Quincy's werewolf arm I really wanted to see that fight, come on it's like one of those god awful B Grade movies like MegaGator vs Super Boa but much better its Werewolf Quincy vs Godpachi!

  I just noticed something off As Nodt implied that the Vandenreich had intel about which Shinigami had Bankai's and which ones did not so which makes me ask the question why did those two Quincies go after Kenpachi while knowing he had no bankai and if the Vandenreich had intel who had Bankai's then they should also know how dangerous which Shinigami are especially the captain without one. Guess Kubo is getting ready to introduce Squad Zero by killing popular captains. First Byakuya and now probably Kenny, they'll also be followed by hitsu, doggie and soi. after that yama-jii will cry out of despair for the help of Squad Zero and they'll arrive and kick SR's asses. My guess is, the Gotei 13 will be pushed out of soul society and retreat. They will regroup and by then Urahara would have found a way to stop them from stealing bankai's. They will then attack at full force and since the SR are useless if they can't steal bankai, they will defeat the SR.

  So byakuya is "dead" and kenpachi is going to throwdown with BB, i predict that BB and kenpachi will be evenly matched, i also predict that byakuya will be revived somehow cause kubo will seriously backpedal from all byakuya fans hatemail, though when ichigo does show up which will be after the quincy decide to retreat, that is when the RG will show up, cause SS will be in ruin and the only a hand full of shinigami will be left alive. If Byaukya was the last member of the main family, and Rukia's his sister (she's not going anywhere anytime soon. At this point she's the only one I know is gonna survive this. She's got "Survivor" written all over her, the same way Amanda from Blassreiter did) they might not have a choice.

  But as strong as I think Zaraki may be, I don't think that he can beat BB. But seriously, ur right when u say that that his new eyepatch seals 20 times more reiatsu. But all those facts mean nothing practically. Look at renji: I've been training to fight Aizen. Here, he got owned by Rey Mysterio's big bro. I figure its kind of like super saiyan, super saiyan 2, etc. The boost seems amazing in numbers, but means nothing in a fight.

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