Ten tails and Tobi's plan

Tobi Ninjutsu

The thing that gets me if he is obito and is leaning toward that then why so long with the mask? I mean he would be the ultimate trickster because he would have fooled not 1 but 2 great ninjas into believing he was madara. 1 being minato which he fought with and even after death didn't figure out he was fighting his student. Hell even jairaya knew he was fighting somebody similar to his student in pein. But yeah I knew he got a look at him but he knew the eyes though. The second thing that really bakes my noodle is if he is going to be obito how did he fool itachi? Itachi said he was madara and even recruited him with long hair before I gather a swap would have taken place. And he was with him the whole time. So if he was in fact obito why wouldn't itachi tell sasuke something different, especially after he came back and had a change of heart.

  It was already pretty obvious that the gedo mazou was the vessel of the Juubi. What is not obvious is that probably the main reason why Tobi wanted the rinnegan only after Nagato died was that you can control Gedo Mazou only with a Rinnegan after all Nagato originally summoned it when Yahiko got killed in the Hanzo incident and not for the abilities of the paths themselves. After all, besides the common vision of the edo jinchuurikis he hasn't used any other Rinnegan ability yet like absorbing Naruto's rasengan in the last chapter. Possibly you couldn't revive Juubi from Gedo Mazou without a Rinnegan too. A more important thing now is why he doesn't just phase out of the battle and go summon somewhere else. Though I'm guessing he can't manage that with the Statue already summoned. Tobi knows Kakashi very well and knows he is always quick to talk, just as he used to when they were team mates, then he states Kakashi is full of regrets, just as he knew, especially after Minato told him about Kakashi's Father and after the rock collapse, Kakashi blamed himself for what happened to Obito; so to me this solidifies it to me that a part of Tobi, is Obito, unless Rin is somehow involved, which i doubt.

  Madara and Tobi created Pain and look what he did, why could they not have done something similar to Obito? Also there is still something puzzeling me about The guy from the senin powers village, when he said his clone called it the Curse mark instead of what it was originally called, so who is or was his clone and maybe Tobi/Obito is connected to it? And see Nagato gained the Rinnegan, most likely Madara's Rinnegan before Obito was Tobi. So unless Tobi's lying about that too it doesn't make sense. The general consensus is that Madara didn't live much longer after the loss of his eyes which wouldn't allow for him to meet Obito during the 3rd Shinobi World War. Obito was also able to use Izanagi? all we saw was his sight/mind going dark, we never saw a body after wards as the whole place collapsed and we never saw a funeral with a body either. so it is possible for what happened to Yamato, Pain and a few others as we know there were experiments being done by all villages, for Obito's body and fragmented mind to be fused with another, just as we see with madara, so it is possible; Kishi, just gave us a big hint, as Tobi made comments to Kakashi directly, just as he told him before about his Eye power not working on Him.

  Madara had a plan with tobi to be revived and tobi said forget the plan im doing things my way, hence the reason tobi was so surprised to see edo mdara cuz he (tobi) felt that no one would be able to stop him if madara wasnt revived in the 1st place. Tobi didnt even know danzo had izanagi until it was activated, with that being said i dont think that tobi was a super spy to gain his info on kakashi, he just knew. i mean y would he be talking about living with regret to kakashi when kakashi is NOT a factor in the war at all.

  My problem with it is that with that Tobi should've been spying on Kabuto to learn his true intentions and gain the upper hand. The Alliance to learn their tactics for the War. Naruto to learn where he was training and ambush him with no one else around. Sasuke to keep track of where he is. Orochimaru to find him after his betrayal and eliminate a threat. Basically, he should've been spying on every major character in the Naruto world.

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