New conflict of Luffy and CC

The cartoonish art of Oda may seem to trivialize things (when compared to other manga, even beyond the Big 3), but frankly I think Oda does well with it. Fights, environments, and actions are very well supported by the art, giving it that "epic" feel (in the literary sense, actually, like the Illiad, where global events mattered a greater deal than a typical narration). Characters may seem static, but then again OP characters don't deviate as much on average, so the art works in that case as well.


  It would be really strange if CC got caught right away in the beginning of the next chapter. We've barely seen anything regarding his abilities and Oda has been building him up as the main villain for this arc for quite some time now. I doubt it will be a long and dragged out fight that will leave Luffy in a near-death state but I still think it will take a little more effort than this. CC might escape too if it does, I think CC will release some sort of gas like what you guys said maybe a sleeping gas or something which will put luffy off him because ya'know, Luffy's pretty persistent to get the 'things' he want when he targets it.


  I have the feeling that CC will pull out some really nasty weapons. Highly destructive weapons might become a problem later on if he decides to commit suicide and take the entire island with him or something along those lines. He just joined the front lines though, so using something like that would be pretty bad for himself too.

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