Whether Itachi has used the Izanami

After a long time of Kabuto's memories, it finally return back to the truth. From the memory, we can know the experience of Kabuto and he is a lonely boy who even do not know anything about his parents. Especially afetr the dead of his teacher, the woman who is the unique guy ever care about Kabuto, he changed a lot then start to follow Orochimaru.

  Actually I always looking forword to the power of Izanami. We already know the ability of Izanagi, which can exchange the truth and illusion, horrible skills, isn't it? So what is the ability of Izanami is? Itachi ever told Sasuke that he still preparing for it but attacked by Kabuto just in a seconds. I believe Kabuto will try his best to control Iatachi as quickly as he can.So this moment will decided the suitation of this battle. Whether Itachi has used the Izanami in the seconds?

  I think this Genjutsu has used, because which is known to all that Itachi will never controled by any Genjutsu because he can rebound most of them, so how cna he effected by the genjutsu of Kabuto? It's impossible, so I believe that Itachia has used Izanami at that time. he just want to make Kabuto believe he will win, when Kabuto approaching Itachi, he will lose the game!

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