Cool brothers and conflict between Law and CC

I believe most of the One Piece lovers are all feel exciting in this episode: Mr.2 still alived in the Impel Down and "he" has become the new queen of the Okama paradise. And the main story oderwaterf this chapter is about the Cool Brothers and the motion of Law.


  I still do not believe that Zoro, Nami(actually is Sanji) and Brook has defeted by Cool Brothers, of course I know that this brothers are also very srtong in this island, maybe Sanji cannot beat them because hher body limit, but Brook and Zoro has become more strong than two years ago, especially Zoro used to beat many fishman underwater. So I think this is just a trick of Sanji, he always actor as a unkown power in many period, full of intelligence in my opinion. And now Franky(Nami actually) was catched by Cool Brothers due to CC want to take use of the ability of Franky. I believe Sanji, Zoro and Brook will show their true power inside the building.


  Seems that Law has some purpose in this island, I think he will never forgot his dream and he is also not a man just want to make himself strong. And he know many secret in Punk Hazard even CC feel very suprised. Now Law has take his action, will he change the suitation right now? We'll see!

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