CC's new brother partners and change of the child

Zoro and Sanji were arguing and that panel shows exactly that. Zoro with all 3 swords in their sheaths, just Brook with his sword unsheathed but it looks like it was to late. None or them have any kind of injury, bruise, their clothes are clean it looks exactly as they just fell asleep or something similar.

  Both Sanji and Zoro were down as it seems without resistance, I originally thought this was a plan by both Sanji and Brooke who have already experienced the sleeping Gas first hand, but now I'm looking at Tiagos theory which he posted in Zoro's thread. I think the explanation of them being in disguise should not be counted out, they were looking for the Samurai who says has an ability to disguise people. I doubt it is another sleeping gas attack, or they were defeated, most likely they were pawns in the disguise of the three Strawhats that the Samurai found, these pawns in the disguise of the SH were defeated by Cool brothers.

  Since both use weapons and Franky can get to their size. Depends if there will be a final fight with every SH getting an opponent and how soon it will be. If CC is top 3 in the next big fight i see them fighting Franky and Usopp. If Punk Hazard is just one step to the next big arc and CC will still play a role and not get defeated now, then i see CC fighting either Franky or Chopper since he was really pissed about his experiments with the childrens, and Usopp fighting them, since Usopp also has his special thing with the giants.

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