Identity of CC and Luffy meet again with Law

Up to now, the two hosters on Punk Hazard in One Piece manga is Law and the secret man CC, and seems that Law stay at this island alone, all of the other people are the men of CC. After beat Smoker, Law meet with Luffy suddenly!

  And what really shock me is the warrior ware ever eta one kinds of devil fruit,even though we still do not know what kind of that is, but the ability of it has shown to us: when someone put something like leaf and little stones on their head, the warrior can thun that things into clothes. Really a convinet ability! When TAshiki attack Law again, Law exchanged Smoker and Tashiki's body then enter the big building. When talking about the symbol of the telephone, 'Smoker' found that maybe the CC is the assistant of Doctor Vegapunk, the man called Ceasar Clown, I believe this man is the forcast of the secret about Doctor Vegapunk in One Piece Episodes!
  Iguess that Law is the point man in this island because the reason why he become a Shichibukai is still a secret. He is a man who want to be the Pirate king, he will never become part of the goverment.

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