Kabuto's memory about his childhood

This week's Naruto manga Shippuden never show us the Jutsu of Itachi's Izanami. Actually I found that there is a regular law in most of the manga especially in Naruto. When a bad guy think about his or her past, he will be die recently. And in this chapter, I am afraid the forcast of Kabuto's death has begining!

  Kabuto have the same age with Kakashi so I guess that is the Third Ninja war and at that time he was a orphan. He was saved by a warm-hearted lady and seems that she is a child keeper at this war time. And the shelter, there are so many orphan need to take care but lack of food and many life needed things. The lady found that this boy are so introvert with weakness vision, so she give a name to him as Kabuto and then give Kabuto the glasses.
  From what Kabuto said to Itachi, he have noting in this world, I am afraid he lost everything include in the shelter. We can understand Kabuto sometimes because the lady can be the unique woman to him, and maybe dead in the war. So Kabuto become a spy to Sasori and Orochimaru.

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