Anime Gintama has finished and the Hentai Gintama manga

Recently, there is a news aboout that the Hentai anime Gintama will be finished. I believe that most of the anime Gintama lovers will only take this as a joke because Gintoki always use this to attaching us and it's one of the charming point of this special anime. But this time, it's true1

  The main trend of JUmp manga is fighting and of course the Top three manga are all this type: One Piece manga, Naruto and Bleach. But there are still have some another style can success by its own way. Gintama is the best example. The main character is a useless guy who can do nothing but always save somebody with his faith. His partner are all strange guys: aliens, Okama, totally 'bad' police and even some Madao just like himself. This is a humour manga with fighting details but not only fighting. The last episodes of Gintama can be the collection of this anime, everyone come out to say sorry to his audience and finally the author also appears. In a words, it's a pity to this nice manga.
  But the manga still continued, and even more exciting than before. This is a unique manga which we can learned some special theory form it. To be a funs of both manga and anime, I am sure that the anime will return within a few years!

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