Suitation of the war in K H Reborn

When all of the revengers join in the war, the advantages even the whole suitation has changed. Which is known to all that those revemgers are the rule of Mafia, each one of them own unknown flame and powerful ability. They can attach all of the other team just alone even damage many strong guys in this good manga.

  This is an noisy night, too many things occured and almost all of the members are too tired to fight again. Tsuna's father has heavy hurted even lost his leader watch. Mokuro also beated by revengers, but thanks for the illusion of Flan, their hide in the house and try to protect the watch. Xanxus also injuried heavily and seems that he cannot fight in a seconds. But what a joke that the battle time of the next day is in the midnight, it means that there are have to protect themselves form the attach of revengers with a tired body. Too difficult to them I think!
  Reborn ready to told Tsuna that he have found many other members in their team. But from what I learned. Almost all of the main characters has in this war. But I think this new member must be very important in today's fight. Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamato all too tired!

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