"Death" of White Hunter Smoker

After finish this chapter, I have to say that Ope Ope fruit is really a strong and convinent devil fruit. Law is God in his ROOM, he can change everything with his body, he cna control anything in this field. He told Tashiki that the weak guys even cannot decided the death style of themselves, and I believe Law has experienced something within this two years!

  Seems that if yours Haki were strong enough than Law, you will never effected by ROOM'S ability. But obviously that Tashiki's Haki cannot avoid to cut by Law, after saved by Smoker, he throw all of the nevy except himself out of the ROOM. He wnat to find the answer of this island an dwhat had happend here. But Smoker failed. Actually I do not understand at this manga, Law never use the Haki and just take Smoker's heart outside of his body. And Smoker even "dead" at a seconds! Never seen somebody dead due to the ope fruit ability. Maybe if yours heart away from yours body you will die, thsi is the rule of this fruit!

  I still can not know waht M is. Because his body looks like some liquid but in my opinion this is not one kinds of devil fruit. He never show his main body because this is main. Finally Luffy meet with Law, Luffy seems so happy and I bel;ieve he will not fight with Law right now. Luffy will release the puzzles at last!

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