Some bugs about Dragon Slayers

To be the main characters and the most hiding puzzles in this Fairy Tail manga, Dragon slayers are always attaching more focus on them. In this Enbu, exist so many slayers. Natsu, Gazille, Laxus, Wendy and two other Dragon slayers in Machairodus, and this Giruto is the most stronger right now.

  At the fourth game, it's a racing game on the huge carrige. Which is known to all that Natsu cannot drive any transportations even anything can move, he will fell disgusting on those things. But he and Gazille even the man in Machairodus are join in this one. But we never see Gazille drive anything and from his own words, he feel noothing about this things. At this collection of dragon slayers, seems transportation is the most big bug and weakness of this guys. Even Laxus also afraid of this, but Wendy never show this manby because he can cure herself ny her ability.
  Team A of Fairy Tail get one point finally, this is the first score of them. It's hardly to judge the power of those guys due to the special rules of Enbu. But I still believe Fairy Tail will win at last, because this two teams are all the most stronger members!

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