True willing of Reborn is training Tsunayoshi

There is a meeting among all of the Arocobalenoo, after attacked by Bermud, seems that Skull saved his life because he lying on the hospital. But the other revengers grab this chance and start their project: there will beat the other team outside the game.

  When asking about the willing of Reborn, he get away from the hospital, he told them that Fon and Yuni has know the reaon. Actually he never want to release his curse, he is a teacher for Tsunayoshi and this war is also one of the training for him. He even use the "gift" just to teach tsuna how to fight and the reason of fight. Maybe this is the reason why he is the most stronger Arocobalenoo among them, he is a man who never give up what he just doing.
  But the ability of revengers are still unknown, they own the eighth flame style and nobody knows what's that is. But I believe nobody will beated by them at this time, because there are all become more reliable than before!

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