New ability of Kabuto to against Uchiha brothers

In order to stop the Ninjutsu of Kabuto, Itachi want to use his illusion to control him but he meet his little brother Sasuke on the way. When find Kabuto in the cave, this two guys decided to beat Kabuto first then deal with their problems later. But Kabuto seems so excited and start to use his new abiltiy.

  Kabuto must be the real doctor in this manga, he was more smarter than Orochimaru, he do many different research and change himsdelf into a horrible but strong body: he can use the curse of the eagle team, liquid ability of Suigetsu, cure ability of Karin( Kabuto even said that Karin is one member of Uzumaki family). And the last ninjutsu is his own Sennin modern, snake ability! From this we can know that Tsunade's new ability maybe same with this and is sennin modern I think!I am afraid that not easy to beat Kabuto!
  But I still believe the power of Itachi, he can find the weakness of every ninjutsu, and Kabuto's senjutsu must have the linited time also have to absorpt the narture power. Hope Itachi can find this!

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