White Hunter VS The Surgeon of Death

In any means, the suitation of Punk Hazard has step into the climax I think, navy White Hunter Smoker VS the Shichibukaia "The Surgeon of Death" Law. Law's ability is called Ope Ope fruit and anyone in his ROOM will controled by him, so he can ope them as he want.

 And in the rivers Luffy fight with the man seems like brownbeard that Hwakins meet two years ago. I think hawkins killed brownbeard and his whole crew, then law wanting to experiment for some reason took the hearts of his crew and put them into brownbeards crews bodyies that were made into centaurs, he then took the 100 hearts from those dead pirates and sent them to the WG, along with some of the prisoners he killed/froze to make up the rest. I'm pretty sure with'll see Law's crew by the end of the arc. Maybe they'll go to PH to retrieve Law after everything is resolve, i just don't see Law been defeated on this island, is just seen to soon and his seems to be a potential future rival of Luffy.

  Law is strong for a shichibukai but he is nowhere near yonko lvl lets admit that , if luffy fights law now that will erase all purpose of ther 2 years of training cause luffy did win against worst odds then this . Law was weaker then luffy 2 years ago and now all the crew trained so much so it would be silly if law is in the same league with strawhats.

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