Unknown action of the revengers

The appears of the eighth Arocobalenoo break the original balance among the teams, Bermud beat Skull team aand Enma almost in a seconds. You have to remember that Shimo family own the ability to against Tsuna's team. It means that this revengers have somne horrible power than any other team!

  I believe the unique weakness of Tsuna's team right now is they need a illusion guy, after Rokudo build a new team with Veride, its an an perfect combination of vision and high technology. So they once take a advantage than others. In this chapter, Kuromu wanted to join in Tsuna's team, but he almost lost all of her "Visceral", she can keep alive due to the illlusion of Rokudo, but I believe she is mateial enough to do that by himself. No matter what she wants, it means the unique weaknessof team has filled!
  There is a rules in this war its nobody can attack the others out of the game time, but at the last of this chapter, every revengers seems want to attack every team, What's Bermud thinking about? Maybe this is one of his way to release the curse!

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    Václav (Wednesday, 30 May 2012 23:44)

    Great info, thx