Destiny of the Ninja world

Up to now, there are three battlefields will decided the main trend of this ninja war even the whole world. There are: Naruto/ KillerB, Kakashi and Gai VS Tobi and some Bijyus; Five Kage VS Madara; Itachi and Sasuke VS Kabito. It exsit some connections among this three fights.

  I think the most important one is Naruto VS Tobi, because Tobi is the finally Boss obviously. He used to said that he is Madara but then prove that's wrong. But he own Sharingan and a secret body, seems that he lives for too many years and can control some Biju easily. At this battlefield, it's different to judge which one is more strong. And the conflict between Five Kage and Madara is really dangerous, Madara become more strong than before and can use the ability of first Hokage even with a long live body, and Five Hokage are too tired to win him I think. The most surpise is Itachi and Sasuke, Sasuke agree with Itachi and will combine with him to against Kabito, it's really amazing. But I think its the unique way to release the crisis of Five Kage, because Kabito can control Madara.
  In any way, I think its a important way to change Sasuke, he ever fall into revenge due to the death of his brother and destory of family. The unique man who can trun himto the right way is Itachi. Hope Itachi can influence Sasuke as far as he can!

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