Hokage Tsunade fall in danger

Now the main cahpter changed into the battlefield of five Kage and Uchiha Madara, we have to admit that this is a war which not every ninja can join in, and most of the ninja are killed by Madara's horrible ninjutsu just in a seconds. Evne five Kage cannot take any advantage. Thanks god that there are all kinds of style iamong them, the cure ninjutsu of Tsunade are useful in this battle.

  So she become the first target of Madara and this is the fighting style. You have to kill the medicine ninja at first. But she is the Hokage and also own the strong power just like Reikage. When Madara know that she is the granddaughter of Hashirama, it's strength of his action. When Tsunade released all her medicine ninjutsu, she can fight at first and can also protect the others. Five Kage get their power all together and almost sealed Madara, but Madara attack Hokage to 'death' and told the others that's just illusion.
  Actually I don't think that Tsunade will die at this moment, becaus she never show her Ninjutsu and just use the simply power. Which is known to all that the"San Nin" have their own secret ninjutsu and I believe that Tsunade's is thw way to avoid death among the fight!

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