The eighth Arocobarenoo in the war

From the forecast of Yuni, there will have two teams failed tonight. In order to protect Tsunayoshi, Byukuran follow the willing of Yuni and failed at the attack of Colonnello. The next one is Hibari and Fon, until the end of the fight time, Xanxus and Hibari cannot beat each other, and the hoster of theis game avoid anyone of the joiners fight out of the fighting time. So Hibari just broken his watch and still want to beat Xanxus but get away by Dino, Xanxus was stopped by his partner. So I guess the two team is Yuni and Fon, but the eigthh Arocobalenoo appears and almost killed Skull's team in a seconds!

  Which is known to all that there are only Seven Arocobalenoo and each one oi them presents one of the element. From what the hoster said we know that His name is Bermud and used to be an excellent Anocobalenoo at the first Vongola family Giotto's period. It means this baby has lived for many hunderand years! And after grab the watch of Skull, he announced that he will join the war of Arocobalenoo and his proxy fighter is the horrible revenger.
  I can still remember the first appears of this revengers, when Rokudo beated by Tsunayoshi, this guys catched them and put them into prision, nobody knows what this guys from, but obviously there are the law of Mafia. And no doubt about their power, i am afraid that Rebron team will have many crisis!

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