How many Super star leaves in the New World?

It's no doubt that almost all of the eleven super stars are very strong, even though there are beated by Kprusoian. That's because the general in navy too strong to win them. And after escaped from the half part of Grand line, the new challenge in the New World are totallly difference, So how many of them can still alive after two ywars?

  Kiddo and his swordsman Killer, we have to admit that this to guys are become more strong strong and even dare to attack the Big Mam's boat; Basil Hawkins, a strong captains in the pirates, but of course with strong ability and escaped from Kprusoian's attack, after get into the New World, he come into the Shirohige's place; X Darker, a man who own the Dianosor's devil fruit, so he have the powerful body ability and can fight with the PX robot, and seems that he enter the Kaidou's place in New World; Trafalgar Law, after saved Luffy's life and seeems that he enter the New World also very late, maybe he have the same defination with Luffy.
   Apoo, a pirates looks like a Chinese and I think he is not strong enough to survive inthe New World; Jewelry Bonney, unique female pirate in this star and what a pity she was catched by Akainu twp years ago and do not know what's wrong with her right now; Urouge from sky island seems has already destoryed in the thunder island; And the last one is the weakness man in my opinion, Kapon Begi, I am afraid that he has dead at the fly island.

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