Some suitations about the Enbu and Machairodus

I woudln't be surprised much to Pantherlily dismay, that Jura will win because Jellel is at a handicap having to disguise himself and all that. And after the match Jura will say "hey Jellel one day let's have a real match" and show Sabertooth and Raver Tail what real warriors are like and show some sportsmenship.

  I think if Jellel could just be himself and not have to worry about hiding and use magic he is used to, it is still a toss up. So FT might have gotten another bad break getting matched up with Jura, while he won't cheat he is a wizzard saint. And Jellel is probably the strongest one on the team, but he is at a handicap. It seems far to early for Jellal to be revealed to people. It's not like the mask is that easy to remove, it stayed on throughout the Laxus vs Mystogan skirmish, and only came off when Laxus blasted Mystogan in the head (seemingly intending to remove the mask) when Mystogan turned to look at Erza and Natsu's arrival. Actully if any of those two will get seriously injuried like Wendy is at the moment, I think it would be Sherry. To showcase the frenemy relationship she and Lucy has. She gets injured, Ren tends to her, Lucy is nearby and tells Ren "don't worry we (Fairy Tail) well get them (the villains) for you."

  Even if Ogra is not a god slayer, it can be interesting; if it's like with Totomaru's rainbow flames, Luxus will probably be unable to eat black lightning; but I wonder if Ogra would be able to control Luxus' lightning as Totomaru was doing with Natsu's flames.

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