Some nice Manga I watched recently

At the period of waiting for some nice manga such as Naruto, One Piece and many so on, I start to watch another manga recently. And I download a free manga download tool called Comicdown. In a words,a it's good to use. There are three good manga I watched!

  Nurarihyon no Mago, a an attachment manga in Jump magazine recently, drawed by Shibashi Hiroshi, and the main character called Nura Rikuo. It's a manga about ghost and it provides some totally different style: ghost live in the modern city and the leader of those ghosts is just a school student. Rikuo own a quarter of the ghost power so he can only fight at night. Nice story with cool characters, and the unique pity is the quality of anime, not so good as manga!
  YuYu Hakusho, if you love Yoshihiro Togashi, you'll know this manga. Yoshihiro Togashi is also the writer of Hunter X Hunter, and this manga is why we call him genius. It will break your original thinking style and show you a different ability of anybody. Someone can use all kinds of skills in special fields. And the main character is Urameshi Yuusuke, he is a detective in human world and service for thr hell.
  The last one is an old manga in latest 20 century, but it's no doubt a good manga: Yu-Gi-Oh by Kazuki Takaha. It's a game world and writer product a lot of games in this manga all by himself. Gamers in this world like to play one kind of card game. Two competitors use one kinds of tools to make their card reality then use the monsters to fight in order to win the game. Yugi Muto is one of the players in this game, and it is said that the original of those game are from Egypt!

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