Legend and Fairy Tale in Japan manga

Yamato is a strange peoples in the world, he have no long history and culture, but always influence the world by his success. He is good at learning something from others and can make that knowledge more great than original. I think those good manga is one of the great culture of Japan and if you know something about legend and Fairy tale, you'll find that manga are learn a lot form them!

  One of the most typical present is Dragon Ball and Saiyuki Requiem. Those two are all about the story of a famous book in China: Monkey! Even though this manga are only use the background of MONKEY but we can also find some shadows of it, and I have to said that there are all very good and never only copy the story from MONKEY but their own imagnation. And recently, we know the Yonbi in NARUTO is Son goku, he is also the main character in MONKEY and from this we can know the influence of Chiese culture in Japan. Of course, there also have some Japan own legend in manga, the present is NARUTO and One Piece. Most name of Ninjutsu in Uchiha family's Sharingan are named after the god and godness in Japan legend and also in the three generals of navy in OnePiece.

  Form those proof we may be we can find the reason why Japan manga and anime are so popular all over the world: There are not just manga but a way to spread the culture. We can learn some different culture environmen tfrom those manga. That's attachment!

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