Lucy lost in the second game

We have just said that Lucy can win the hair magic girl except the trick of Raven Tail, taht hair girl threat Lucy that she will kill a little girl if Lucy still attack her use magic. So in order to protect that girl, Lucy almost give up in this game. But seems that hair girl are so bad that want to make Lucy shame in public: she want to make the  Raven Tail mark on Lucy's hand!

  Which is known to all that the mark of one Giruto is the symbol of honor and the mark of Fairy Tail are so previous to Lucy! Thanks for the nic ehear ability of Natsu and he hear everything happened on the battlefield and try his best to save the little girl so that Lucy can use her true power! Natsu really is a funny man, I have to believe that he is an animal more than human, he own many strange ability such as good smell and hear. In a word, Lucy can show her new ability to beat the hair magic girl! But all of the magic pf Lucy was eated by one of the member of Raven Tail jsut like what they have treat Wendy, so Lucy lost this game finally!
  Lucy was so sad that cry at the field, but Natsu and other Fairy Tail members told her that the tears have to stay at the seconds of win the Enbu. Just like what Makarov said, I am afraid that there will have a battle out of the battlefield, this is not a fair game!

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