Xanxus show his full power

Due to the liberat of Fon's power, Almost all of the Varia members lsot thier watch except Mammon and Xanxus. When Fon's time is over, Mammon use his vision and make some ice to freazon Hibari, Xanxus try to beat Hibari in a second, thanks for Dino comeing to here and save Hibari from danger!

  Mammon return to a baby after attack Hibari and Dino told them that he will help Fon's team to against Mammon team and promise that he will cooprate with Hibari to beat Xanxus because Xanxus too strong to fight alone. Of course Hibari refused Dino's applict and ready to strat his attack. In order to make Hibari understand the full power of Xanxus. Dino decided to stimulate Xanxus and then help Hibari. But Xanxus show his new power, and seems that his gun has more strong than before, after consists with the lion tiger, Dino said that Xanxus can destory everything in this house!
  But I still believe taht Hibari can win this game at last, because even though that he can hardly win Xanxus in power, but in this game you just need to break the watch, I trust the skill of Hibari!

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