A China famous Cartoonist XIA DA (夏达 April)

When we talking about some wonderful manga, we always connected this word to Japan and of course Japan is the biggest manga country all around the world. The special drawing style, some interesting story and win so many supporters quickly, compare with America cartoon and Japan manga, I prefer manga and I believe most of us will choose Japan. And recently, there is a famous Cartoonist in Chian, her name is XIA DA(夏达), and also known as April.

  April(夏达) is a normal girl grown in Hunan Province in China. After graduated from university, she choose to be a Cartoonist. The most famous one of his manga is "Inherit"(子不语). This is a totally different manga with the tradtional China manga style. "Inherit"(子不语) is not only to the children the comic, even adults, will feel the charm of its summer it can be said that the fairy tale and clean and cool, but also revealed a unique, casual beauty. Fine fresh comic style, the story is very philosophical, in the cool little humor and adventure in the mysterious, including the natural and human, immutable law, to look at how the mentality of some people and things, can see that most of intelligent and sensitive craftsmanship.

  This is the short summary of "Inherit"(子不语): 9-year-old mother moved to a small language to follow an ancient town, the story from here. A silent mysterious town. 9-year-old new residents. She, through their own eyes, to see something? He, who will? Protagonist was born in a small language families who love nature. Father is archaeologist, because the working relationship, like family moved to town, living in strange and beautiful old one, "Abandoned Garden" here. Words of kindness and well-behaved, with a naive mind to explore things around them that miraculous, in fact, they are nature's little revelation to mankind.

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