The suitation of Fourth Ninja war

After many difficult battles, the suitation of this war has step into a field that nobody can make any forecast. We can divided this war into many part: Kabito, Madara, Mask man, Naruto and Sasuke. And the most strong guy can be Madara, he was one of the zombies of Kabito, but seems that even Kabito cannot control him very well, so just let him go. And Sasuke's new ability will influence the suitation obviously!

  After almost solved all of the zombies of Kabito, the armys of Ninja ready to help the other two field: Madara VS Five kage; Naruto, KillerB, Kakashi, Gai VS Mask man and his new Pain. Actually I think both of this two field are too horrible to the normal Ninja, so I dont think the army can effect the suitation. From what we cna see, Five Kage and Naruto are in adventage. The unique key is Sasuke and his team. Suigetsu has found the secret of Orochimaru and he said that it can influence the war, and Karin try to escape from the prision. I think the Eagle team will return. Thinking about the reel, I believe it's one of the result of Orochimaru, this guy always do some amazing attempt, and he even know the secret of Sharingan. Even though he has sealed by Itachi, but I am afraid that he has expect when he was died he can reborn in other way. Just I think.
  On the other hand, Itachi want to find Kabito and try to stop his Ninjutsu. If he can sucess, real Madara will failed. But seems that he will meet with his little brother Sasuke. Can he trun Sasuke to the right way? I am afraid not! Itachi ever said that Sasuke is a white paper and can influenced by others easily, but right now, he has become a totally revenger, he is not the pure Sasuke any more!

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