Head and Leg in Punk Hazard

At last chapter, the man who stay at the Thousand Sunny except Brook are all grapped by some unknown soliders. Luffy meet a ,am who only have half body, and seems taht this half man have some conflict with Shichibukai. From what he dress, we can guess that he is a warrior and must be an swordsman. At this chapter, we can see some interesting part, and some secret of this island has appeared.

  Just as what Nami has infered, Punk Hazard is a strange island that can divided into two part: one part of it was very hot and the other is totally freazy. it's just like the ability of Akainu and Aokiji, so someone guess taht this is the battlefield island that this two gengral fight. But we can broken this from what Smoker told: this island was blockaded in four years ago. Usopp saw a strange bird with a human face, some huge babies, half man, a man only left head. Connected to the name of this island, I cna guess that this is a laboratory for Dr.Vegapunk. Maybe he failed at this island and left some unknown technology and take used by some guys. Those guys use the warriors to do experiment and produced some strong things. And I think there are something will happend on Brook ,amybe he is the key in this island due to his new ability.
  I also care about the leader in this island, if he can control the body of everyone, can be a strong exist. Think about the relationships between Leg and Head, I trust that there are father and son, and this is also the link of Luffy and Sanji in the prison! But I am afraid that there still have some tricks in the Ice island!

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