Lucy VS hair magic girl in the Raven Tail

After Juvia and Gray lost their game in the first part, Luct would be the second gamer in the Battke Part, and her competor is a woman from Raven Tail. So Lucy  can be the key to the winner's way to Fairy Tail. If she can win in this time, the score of Fairy Tail will improve.

  It's obviously that Lucy has overcomed her weakness because form the conflict she has experienced, we can see that she always falling in danger due to her low magic power. Actually she own some really powerful Seirin magic, she just have no enough magic power to let them out. And in this conflict, Lucy start her attack at first then try her best to defeat the Hair lady and never give a chance to that one. She use two of her strongest magic and get them together, so that she has take an advantage in this game. But the Ravel Tail is an Dark Giruto and they grap a little girl to be hostage and threat Lucy. So if someone cannot found that, Lucy will be in danger!
  Jellal feel some unknown power in the Enbu for many times, so he change himself into Misutogan and want to find the secret. And seems that he is right, even though we still do not know the defination of the hoster of this Enbu, but I guess that they want to collect some magic power to make Zeref reborn. I don't know what the relaationship between them, and the man have the step into the same way with Hades, I still beleve that no one can control the power of Zeref!

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