Return of the revenge

Talking about the destiny of Uchiha family, we always connect this to three special man : Madara, Itachi and Sasuke. Uchiha used to be the represent of the strong and power, and the leader of this family is Madara; Itachi is the Genius in this family and he find the strongest power of Sharingan when he was very young; Sasuke is the unique survive man in this family right now, and he is also the second man who gain the forever Sharingan after Madara. And seems that those guys will meet in the fourth Ninja war!

  After escaped from the secret place of Madara, Sasuke killed Zetsu easily use his new Sharingan, then walking to the batttlefield of the Ninja war. Even though he want to destory the whole Konoha and do not want to remember any friendships among his company, they still exist a special promise with Naruto; he will kill Naruto at first before start his revenge. Sasuke has his own defination, he will never controled by Madara, afetr take full use of the ability of Madara, he will doing his project. Now, he got his brother's eye, and his brother was "return to life" due to the Ninjutsu of Kabito. I am afraid that he will meet Itachi in the nearly future, because I believe there are still have a chance to make Sasuke return normal and kindly. Itachi never want to revenge to Konoha because he understand the truly treasure of this world so that he can sacrifice all his family to protect Konoha!
  But I still dounbt the power of Sasuke right now. Did he own the enough to fight with Naruto? After complete the Kyubi modern, Ibelieve Naruto has reach the same level with Madara even Hokage.So I think the last fight between Naruto and Sasuke will arrived!

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