Varia VS the consists of Fon and Hibari

A few days ago, I said that almost all of the Arocobalenoo has open their ability except Verde and Mammon. In this chapter, Fon's Chinese Kungfu VS Mammon's vision. It's hard to judge whick one is stronger, but just at this chapter, we have to say taht vision has the more powerful function, and at least it hurted Fon's body!

  Fon worried about Hibari and afraid that he cannot beat Vario just by himself, so he open the "gift". it si true and of course that Hibari was strong enough to against Varia, but you should remember that Varia is an organization that belong to Vongola family. And the Proxy war is just need to broken the watch, it's difficulty to protect the watch when facing all of those killers. Do not forgot Xanxus, he is the man who almost kill the ninth leader of Vongola, own amazing power! Especially when Xanxus enter the battlefield, it's too dofficulty to beat them. Thinkinf about the limit of the time, Fon decided to use his full power to beat Xanxus and Squalo at fast as possible, then use the biggest kungfu and broken the Squalo's watch finally. But as this seconds, he was also shooted by anyone and seems jnjuried very heavily!
  At the last page we know that Mammon also open his gift and use his strongest vision to everyone: the man who not totally believe he will win this conflict will hurt himself. Due to worried about the time, Fon get attacked by this vision. But I think he can still hurt Xanxus and Mammon, because his wonderful Kungfu. And do not forget the power of Hibari, he is the unique who never lost his prey!

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