Raven Tail and Machairodus

The first battle in the Enbu, Every team can select one member in. And then open a new place to them. In this environment, there are many fake body  to replac ethe main body. All the gamer have to find the enemy's true body and attack them, you do not have to injure them, but hint is need. It means that if you hit the true body, you'll gain one point; jit a fake body reduce one point. That's the rule.

  At this game, Gray is the first one. And due to the joining of the Dark Giruto, Gray was attacked by both Raven Tail and the others, and the Raven Tail was only attack Gary. No matter the truly body or the Fake ones, it's really ddifficult to take them apart. But what surpise us is the man in the Machairodus, avtually he do not like the others, and he never hide in the fake guys. Just standing on the highest tower to observe the main battlefield. When all the members meet in a special plave, almost all of the guys found each other, at this time, Machairodus start his attack. He take full use of his magic and hit most of them in a seconds. When Raven Tail try to attack Machairodus from the tower, he found that was not his truly body! And finally this game finished, two teamof Fairy Tail was in the last!
  The next game has started, Lucy become the next member. And he mmet the one in Machairodus, it seems that she use the same magic with Lucy, and she is the one who take all of the Magic power of Weddy. It's a hardly battle than Gray because Gray almost never have a chance to use his magic at first. Just hope Lucy has become more strength than two years ago!

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    dyson dc41 (Wednesday, 15 February 2012 03:15)

    Lucy had better have more strength than 2 years ago! Good luck!

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    Air Max 2012 (Wednesday, 07 March 2012 14:59)

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