Gon meet his father in Hunter X Hunter

The main line of Hunter story is the hunter game: Gon have to find his father all by himself and Ging will "hide" and try his best to avoid the meet with his son. Actually is a special way to training our main character Gon. And after the giht with Spider, adventure in the Freddy Island, even the horrible risk in the ants story, Gon almost lost his life. But in the selection of Hunter's master, Ging meet Gon in addition!

  As far as we know, the unique connection with Gon and Ging is Kaito. He is the apprentice of Ging but can be the best friend and master of Gon. And in the Ants story, in order to save the life of KILLUA and Gon, he lost his arm in a seconds, then died in the field! At that time I fell really bad due to the death of him, until we know that Kaito was reborn but turn into a little girl. I feel puzzled about this design. How can he become a girl? In this chapter, Ging give us the answer! The Nen ability of Kaito is Crazy Clown, and it was taught by Ging, so Ging know the top secret of this ability: If the owner of this clown really do not want to die, a digit will appears(the digits of the clown is 1 to 9)! So we can guess the reason why he become a little girl is the results of his ability. And thanks for this ability, Kaito can reborn from the death!
  When talking about the truth, Gon learn that he hav eto appolgize to Kaito and find his best friend Killua. He still don't know why can he recovery! After take use of the ability of Killua little sister, Killua must pay something back. But before this, he have a horrible enemy: Yellmi! And a conflict between this guys cannot avoid!

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