Uchiha Sasuke will come back

At the fourth Ninja war, there are two main battlefield right now. Due to the lack of patience, Uchiha Madara cannot control the war just as he planned. Even though under the help of Kabito, many strong guys has come back from the heel, it's still hard to win all of the five country's Ninja. So in the Chapter of 573, Uchiha Sauke has come back! Whether can he change the suitation of the war? Will he have a conflict with Naruto now?

  As what I hav ewrited at last article, there are two main field in the Ninja war: The truly Madara VS five kage(up to now, we do not know the result of this field).; Mask guys and his six Pain VS Naruto and KillerB(actually we can judge this field as the ancient monsters battlefield because almost all of the Biju gathered at this place except Ichibi). From now on, although we cannot said that Madara and his Getsu army wll failed finally, but obviously that it's a bad suitation to them. Due to the growing up of Naruto, Madara and hsi army cannot beat the Ninja as their expected. After all of the hell guys beated by Ninja, we can know that Kabito has lost his adventage. No matter the real and live Madara, they have to show their last resource, and the man is Uchiha Sasuke. It's no doubt that Sasu ke will never under the control of Madara, but it's also a huge threat to Ninja army.
  After transplant the eye of his brother Itachi, Sasuke has own the same power with Madara,  no matter what the ability of his Sharigan is, it's no doubt that he will finish his revenge to Konaha, so the fight between Naruto and Sasuke will never be avoid. What about Kyubi modern VS forever Sharigan? And the first test is the war between Madara. So I hav eto said that now Madara is the target for both Naruto and Sasuke!

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