It is said that Bleach manga will be finished

There are three main manga in the Junp magazine and those good manga are the important sonsist of this manga kingdom, One Piece, Naruto and Bleach. Recently, a shocking message spread frequently from this kingdom, the Bleach manga will finished in a few years! And the news is truth. So manbe is a sad new to the fans of Bleach and Ichigo.

  To be a young cartoonist, Kubo is actually a genius, he used to be a bad boy and always like to play computer games. It's said that his father was dead because of his useless. And at the original of his drawing style was too volence to be a story, due to the readers are almost young teens. So he stop draw for many years and chenged his style later, the Bleach manga was borning at this time. Actually we can still find soemthing from this manga, the hollow is the typically standard. But it's still a good manga in the jupm magazine, and the Jump is the most famous manag magzine in Japan and even more better than Sunday(it's a magzine that produce the famous manga Detective Conan and Inuyasha and so on). Already continued for ten years, Bleach is no doubt to be one of the best manga.
  WhenI heard this news, actually not shocked me enough. Because I think it's a nice manga until the Character Aizen beated by Ichigo, if this manga finish at this time and all the puzzled are solved at this time. What a pity, Kubo add a new part called Fullbrings and I think it's not good enough match with the former part. But we have to admit that Bleach is a good free manga online and will always mentioned in this site in the future!

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