Four Arcobalenoo has open their curse

It's a war among Arocobalenoo to resolve their curse, and in order to make this battle more wonderful, the secret Iron hat man give all of them a special gift: they have three minutes to open the curse. And up to now, four of them has open this gift and return to their own body in a few moment.

  Skull is the Arocobalenoo who open the "gift" first. Due to the risk of Enma(he was attacked by all of the member of Varia and have against them alone), Skull use his ability and defend the strong power of Varia. In return, all of the Shimo family become the Proxy team of him. The second one is Colonnello, he use his skills and eliminate Byukuran in a second! In this battle, sniper almost sloved all of the strong guys even hurted Tsuna and make the Yuni team eliminted from this war, Rokudo cannot fight and have to leave from Tsuna team. The next one is Reborn, he use his really power to give a lesson to the falling down Tsunayoshi and gain his brave to fight with his father: Iemitsu. It's hard to judge that whether it's needed to open his curse at this time. But seems that to be a Katekyoshi, he have the responsbility to teach his student the reason of this war.
  At the battlefield of Hibari VS Varia. Actually I still looking forword to watch the fight between Hibari and Xanxus, because it's hardly to judge which one is more stronger. But the author give us a more exciting moment is that Fon open his ability. To be a monster of Chinese Kungfu, he beated three member of Varia easily in a moment. What will happen next? Did Fon will against Xanxus?

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