The legend of Rokudo sennin

Naruto will never depressed us  and always can bring mor eand more surpise in this manga. And the results of the against of biju bomb is Naruto enter the mind world of all Biju. In order not to damage the Kakashi and another nakama, Naruto mean to lower the position of his BIju bomb and made another bomb to the sky. And at the mix of those different Chakura, Naruto can communicate with all the Biju in a unique world. Then in this world, the secret of Rokudo sennin will be solved!

  Which is know to all that the nine Biju once was a unique monster in the ancient time, and Rokudo sennin treated himself as the jinchuriki. And when he know that he will be die he divided the monster into nine parts and the nine Biju was appears. In the world of Biju Chakura, Naturo talk with another six jinchuriki and know the name of those Biju, yes, all of the Biju has their own name. And all of those guys are not birth with the reveage emotion, they was effected by the war and soem bad emotions. From this chapter we can know that the Biju are love Rokudo very much and feel sad about the death of him. They even still waiting for the reborn of Sennin. And we can seen that their ahs waited for a long time!
  I realy feel puzzled about the action of Madara and who he is! He want to collect all nine Biju and get them together as one monster. But seems that the Ten tails are not as evil as we think. Because the nine tails are usually some kind guys. Naruto has changed himself as Kyubi modern, even though this modern can only keep for five minutes, I believe it's enough to beat Madara. And I think the most effective man can be Sasuke!

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    dyson dc41 (Wednesday, 15 February 2012 03:19)

    I can relate to your confusion. It seems that it is enough to beat Madara.

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