Punk Hazard is the first adventure of New World

After the help of Gam whale, Luffy and his nakama esxape from the white dragon and finally enter the New World safety! And the first scenery of this free manga last sea are really amazing: Strong winds with fire land, thound falling from the sky and there are so many fish body floating on the surface. It's a horrible sea that even the fish can hardly live! And Luffy will have a adventure here, just in a moment, there is a accident happened among those guys!

  An unknow phone calls from a stranger. It is said that their are killed by a strong warrior and they cannot fight with them. Robinm guess that the message is from the nearest island because the singal cannot transmit too far away in this cruel environment. And the name of this island is Punk Hazard. In order to have a adventure, Luffy and many other members decided to landed on the island to search something and save the guys from the warriors. There are: Luffy, Usossp, Robin and Zoro. After landed on Punk Hazard, there found that it's really a dead island because the high temrature. No goverment and navy will enter this island. No matter any pirates. But then there is a really legend creatures appears before them: a huge dragon. Even Robin was shocked by it. And whether there are many secres in this island? I guess this is the island where Aokiji nad Akainu fight in. Because it is said that half of this island are very cold from Nami's word.
  then we know that Smoker id waiting Luffy at the island where the compass shocked very frequently because he know that Luffy will choose the island seems totally dangerous. But he never know the phone calls from the strangers, so he lost Luffy track at this time. But he infer that Luffy stay in the Punk Hazard quickly and then ride his army to that island. So I guess that we will know how strong Smoker is in the following good manga chapter!

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