Team B of Fairy Tail in the Enbu

When we still puzzled about which team is the top 2 pass the first level, the author give us a reallu surpise answer: the team B of Fairy Tail. And then we know that every Giruto can send two team in the Enbu, but in order to make their power more strength, none of them except the Fairy Tail did this. The strong who late to join in has become the second team of Fairy Tail.

  Gazille, Laxus, Misutogan, Mira and Juvia and the five members of this team B. And what shock me is they are three S Slayers in this team. Laxus, Misutogan, Mira are used to the most strong guys in Fairy Tail. Even azille and Juvia are totally strong in this Enbu. Almost all of those guys are totally monsters. And I do not know why Mira join in, maybe he can control her ability more frequently than before. And no matter what had happened to them, I believe this can be a great game this time. Many strong guys get together and want to grab thee most stronger Giruto's name. After two months, I cannot wait to see how strong Natsu and his team is. And the other team also very strong. Fairy, Horse, Snake, Tiger, Fish and Crow are the present of those team. Which one is stronger?
  From this chapter we know that Weddy is all right and just lost her full powere due to the member of Machairodus. Actually it is not a black Giruto and just want to show its power to Fairy Tail. And in this Giruto we know that their still have to Dragonslyers and even killed their master Dragon. Ina word, it's a horrible team  with amazing ability!

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