Mixed battle among horrible monsters

With the understanding of Kyubi and Naruto, a new perfect jinchuriki has completed! It's really a lone time to make friend with Biju, especially Kyubi. It's athe collection of reveage and hate, it hates human and nobody ever trained it totally without any unnormal methods. Naruto did this, he has become the friends ofKyubi!

  It's not a suprise to know that Naruto will live peace with Kyubi until he beat the dark side of himself. That the first step to learn to control Biju. What the difference is Naruto only want to make friends with all of the Biju, not want to make use of them. So the can get the trust of Yonbi and know how to break the balance between new Pain and Madara. After learned how to use the truly power of Kyubi, Naruto get a high improved and can destory any  other Biju easily. Save Kakashi and Gai from the risk of Biju's attack in a second, and Kakashi even think that is the reborn of his teacher: Fourth Hokage. We can guess the speed of Naruto with really Kyubi Modern from this example!
  Then the mixed battle among many horrible biju is start! In my opinion, this is a fight that no man can join in, and Kakashi, Gai and even Madara can hardly in. The power of those biju are amazing and the different ability are also very great. Lack of Yichibi and Yonbi, except for Hachibi and Kyubi, the other five biju are all monsters and no man can control them!

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