Hiden crisis among Fairy Tail members

One of the rules on Dai-Matou Enbu is that all of the attending members must have to stay in the hotel at midnight. But Weddy lost in the town and nobody know where she is, in order to win the Enbu, Natsu, Gray and Eraza decided to let Elfman join in their team to continued the Enbu; Lisanna and Happy to find Weddy out!

  In this Chapter, it explained to us that why all the member should stay in the hotel at midnight, necause the first game was start at this time. All the city changed it;s model, seems like a moze. And in this maze, only the tope eight team which find the way oout can enter the next game. So Natsu and his company try their best to make many marks and recognize the way. There are too many team in this maze so that cannot avoid to meet many others. Eraza find a simple to know the right by grab the other teams map. Because every team has a man-made map in this maze. It's a useful method to save time. Finally, Fairy Tail reach the end. But what a pity, there are the lst team in the eight.
  But what about Weddy? Which is known to all that she is a quiet girl will never move alone. And what about the secret magic power in the Enbu? It's still have many puzzled hiden in this game. Maybe a big diaster to all Giruto. But I believe the team of Fairy Tail will win at last!

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