The truly willing of Byukuran

After the snipe of Colonnello, Yuni, Reborn and Verde team are all suffering a huge demage. Except Tsuna, the other team leader are too jnjured to fight. At this time, Tsuna's father told them that their will attack them again within a few minute. In order to protect his friends, Tsuna decided to break the Alliance between Reborn and Colonnello. On the other hand, Confrontation between Hibari and Varia still continued. Mammon know that the other members are difficuly to beat Hibari, so he ready to weak Xanxus up!

  I think the main character in this chapter is Byukuran, until now, we still cannot understand why he become kindly right now. He saved Yamamoto, help Yuni to join in the proxy war, made a Alliance with Tsunayoshi. Where is the desire of conqure? And the answer is that he ever lsot in his own dream. In his dream, he defead Tsuna finally, but lost his definition. He do not know what to do next. just feel puzzled about the world he created. In this moment, Yuni come to his dream and always stay with him (we know that Both Yuni and Byukuran has the ability to across the different world). At the help of Yuni, Byukuran find the new purpose: help Yuni as far as he can.
  Yuni has made a forcast that two of seven team will be eliminated tonight. Thinking about the currently suitation, except Shimon family, another six team are in battle. And Yuni team already decided to sacrificed to Reborn team and seems that Byukuran has failed. Hibari will fight with Xanxus. Verde team still very dangerous because Mokuro also injured heavily! Which team will failed tonight? We will see!

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