Ichogo back to Soul Society

After finish the war between Shirigami and Fullbringers, the unique answer we know is that Hinjo has dead and his body will be tackingback to Soul Society. At last chapter, almost everyone who own the ability of fullbrings has found their new definition, we have to believe the bright funture of them. Now, Ichogo back to Soul Society. What is the truly secret of Proxy Shirigami?

  This chapter also show some surpise to me! In Soul Society, three position of captian was blocked for a long time due to the leave of Aizen and another two captians. I always feel annoying about this because actually nobody are perfect enough to replace them, but if you still remember the battle in the city eitj Azien, you will find the captains who disappeared few hungreds years ago has come back. And now, their has return to Soul Society and become captain again! Ichigo still was a kind-hearted man, he back to here in order to ask the body of Ginjo, no matter what happened, Ichigo know that he can recovery his power was below the help of Ginjo, he is one of the master of him. Ginjo belong to Humanility, he should be buried in the truly world!
  Finally, Kyouraku Shunsui and Ukitake Jyushirou have alittle chat at before a tomb. Kyouraku told Ukitake that Ichigo can understand the will of them. So he will never pay any attention about the Shinigami Proxy. Even though that Ukitake hide the truth about that, it's not a fault, Ichigo can forgor that easily!

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