Appointment with Son Goku

From last chapter we know the Yonbi is the king of monkey: Son Goku, and he catch Naruto into his stomach. Naruto talk with Goku and know each Bijyu has a name and Kyubi called kurama. He promise that he will save Yonbi from Madara, and in this chapter, Naruto start his project. He use his Chakra prodece a great number of Naruto to escape from Yonbi's stomach before Madara control Goku competely.

  Seems that Madara has know the plan of Naruto and Yonbi, he try his best to avoid Naruto touch Yonbi again and attack Naruto more frequently than before. At this time, Hachibi, Kakashi and Gai are all fighting with the other bijyu, Naruto have to againest Yonbi and Madara alone. But finally, Naruto find the medium taht Madara used it to send Chakra to Bijyu's body to comtrol them. And his task is to destory the black Stick so that Goku can be liberated from control. Nine-Tails Chakra Mode have a huge power but cannot destory the stick, and Naruto even locked by Madara due to he touch the stick (Madara can lock anything which touch the stick because he send his Cahkura in it).
  It's a crisis to Naruto, but Naruto is Number One Hyperactive Knucklehead Ninja, he has leave a Shadow Clone in Yonbi's body, when Nine-Tails Chakra Mode Naruto found the position of stick, he can connect the Clone with Sage Mode. Both of them use their power to clean the black stick. Can Naruto destory the stick? It's all decided by whether his power are strong enough to againest Madara. And I believe this step will influence the forword of this Ninja war!

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