Conflict between Luffy and Big Mam

Due to the candy problem, there is a little conflict between Luffy and Big Mam, but after giving the treaures to exchange the "lost" of her, seems that the question has been solved. But in this chapter, an accident appears. Fishman in order to panishing the man who stolen the treasure, there are put a bomb in it, and in order to hide this secret, even the king never know this! And Luffy has give them to Big Mam, so if Mam open the treasures, the bobm will explision. Thinking about the temerature of Mam, she will thought it's a challenge from Luffy. In the New World, Luffy has annoied a terrible trouble!

  And on the Navy side, Smoker show us his new battlefield: G5. It is said that G5 is a unlegal part in navy, there will use the pirate to be food to fishing shark; fire the pirates to lighting the night. And Smoker finally improved his position. He is a general now. This White Hunter also full of justice. Hunting the pirates in the New World first step. And the man who escape from the fishman island due to the fight betwen Luffy and Hody Johns are almost all arrested by Smoker! At the last page, seems that he already know the purpose of Luffy.
  Which is known to all that Smoker started to hunting Luffy at the begining of Roger Town, and two years ago, Luffy cannot beat him because he do not know the use methods of Haki. But what the difference is that Luffy has become more stronger than before, three kinds of Haki can controled Skilled. If they meet in the New World, it's hard to avoid the fight. But in my opinion, Luffy strong than Smoker now!

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