New Dragonslayers in the Dai-Matou Enbu

At the ece of Dai-Matou Enbu, it provides some messages and rules to us. What surpise me is the account in game: only five madoshi can join in the Enbu. A nd in Fairy Tail, the five main charactters become the member in here naaturely. There are: Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Eruza and Weddy. Even though all of them are strong seven year ago, but almost each of them has a weakness. And now, seven years pass away, they stop in a point, the others are still growning up, so it's hardly to win the Enbu, this is why almost all of the Fairy Tail members training themselves in the foreast.

  Two months later( actually only trained one weeks), with the help of Jellal nad his nakama, in my opinion, the weakness of Lucy has been overcomed at least. (Which is known to all, Lucy just like the man in Naruto free manga online: Kakashi. Actually both of them are strong guys in their manga, but some factors limited the ability of them is the lack of magic. Lucy cannot use his skill for along time.) The others also improve their skils and I believe the distance between them and the man in seven years later has dhorted. But they still have some strong compoters exist. Except for the other team, two new Dragonslayers appears and seems that they know the story of Natsu. To be a Dragonslayer, I believe they will meet Natsu in the Enbu, fire against another ability, must be a good fight!
  So what about Weddy? She is also a dragonslayer, and her magic also very special: not used to fight but to heal. Sky Dragon power to help the others magic more powerful than normal. And after read the message that leave from his teacher, it's no doubt that Weddy can become a brave and confidence girl in Fairy Tail. Next time, the start of Dai-Matou Enbu.

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